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Eating with chopsticks

I recently did a post on the benefits of eating with hands so please look back at that. Now the benefits of eating with chopsticks.

Chopsticks is a small way to make a big impact in your health. You may be surprised to know that chopsticks have many benefits once you get accustomed to eating with them. Chopsticks themselves represent the principle of Yin and Yang in Traditional Chinese Medicine. One stays still while the other moves. While the moving chopstick helps the digestive system to function better, the other chopstick massages the first index finger, which is where the Large Intestine energy meridian begins. There are simply no accidents in Chinese medicine, everything is thoughtful and deliberate, just as eating with chopsticks is. Lower glycemic index: research shows that eating with chopsticks lowers the glycemic index of the food you consume, thanks to the way it makes you eat it. Because eating with chopsticks meant eating less at a time and eating more slowly, the glycemic index of the food decreases. If you are unfamiliar, glycemic index shows how quickly food causes your blood glucose levels to increase. The slower, the better.

Coordination: chopsticks require mind and body coordination which means you exercise your mind each time you use them.

Less bloating and gas: when we eat quickly and take larger bites, we usually swallow much more air. This turns into bloating and gas. Chopsticks allow for portion control and consistency. The better and more thorough your chew, the better you will digest.

Mindfulness: chopsticks really leave room for mindful eating. If you are trying to create a beautiful and healthy relationship with the food you are eating, this would be a great way to learn how to love and appreciate the food that nourishes you. The time that it takes to eat with chopsticks allows the brain to signal that you are full and will prevent overeating which also promotes a healthy food relationship.

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