Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD)

Updated: Jan 3

Some women are told that their pelvic is too small that they cannot give birth naturally. I want to tell you that if you were told this, you were lied to. God does not create anything imperfect. Just because someone says your pelvic is too small, it does not make it true but if you believe it, well you have just made their job easier with the exception in cases where there has been previous damage to the pelvis like broken bones from an accident or a deformity due to a disease, your body will definitely be able to birth your baby if given enough time and the ability to move into the right positions and, in rare cases, a little assistance. When someone says your pelvis is too small, they are usually referring to CPD. CPD means that a baby's head is too large to fit through the mother's pelvis. True CPD is incredibly rare but super difficult to determine. Majority of the time a diagnosis of CPD is given with absolutely no basis. Once in a while a series of measurements called pelvimetry is used to determine the size of the pelvic outlet to see if the baby will fit. These measurements are useless, however, since they cannot account for the fact that your pelvis expands by up to 30% during birth, and your baby’s skull plates slide over one another to fit the space forming a cone. You also cannot know a baby’s size before birth since late term ultrasounds are extremely inaccurate. Basically, they are guessing. A diagnosis of CPD is due to lack of patience, an unnecessary induction, or other controllable circumstances. Many cases of failure to progress during labour are arbitrarily given a diagnosis of CPD. There is no money in women giving birth naturally, however, there is plenty of money in c-sections.

In addition, some women are given blood transfusions as they are told they have lost a lot of blood. There is no basis for that either. The heaviest of periods is only 8 teaspoons over 7 day and the heaviest of blood loss during labour is 250ml approximately. The human body has been designed to perfection that I cannot fault it.

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