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Celery root is also known as celeriac and is a member of the parsley family, along with celery, carrots, and parsnips. The flavour is delicious and crisp and tastes like both celery and parsley which can be enjoyed either raw or cooked.

Celery root is full of antioxidants; high in vitamin K, potassium, and vitamin C, and has plenty of fibre to boost digestion.

To prepare it for cooking, wash and scrub the vegetable to remove any dirt before cutting off the top and base. Carefully remove the rough skin with a vegetable peeler and chop or slice the flesh. Use a mandolin cutter to makes it super easy.

Ways to enjoy celery root:

Try it raw whether sliced or grated, in salads or coleslaw. Due to its hot nature, you do not need to add ginger and it will not damage your digestive fire.

Roast, bake or boil and mash the vegetable similar to a potato.

Cook and blend it for soups, sauces, pies and casseroles.

For salad, add dijon mustard to taste, lemon juice, good quality extra virgin olive oil and salt. It’s so delicious.

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