Dairy (Calcium)

So for the Muslims, I have stated that the meat and dairy industry is not ethical, which I firmly stand by. As we all know that for every haram (not permissible) there are minimum 10 halal's (permissible). From TICM perspective, dairy is not a good source of calcium anyway as it produces phlegm and mucous, and some people are either lactose intolerant or have problems digesting dairy. Not to mention the added poisons.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in humans, with almost 99% stored in our bones. Everybody knows that calcium is vital for bone and teeth health and that low levels can lead to bone disorders. However, severe calcium deficiency will also lead to numbness, fatigue, poor appetite, irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps and tingling in the fingers. Women may also experience a very thick cold smelly vagina discharge too.

From TICM perspective, calcium supports the mind and relaxes the nervous system. It cools and soothes heat while providing nourishment to the cells and blood. It helps heat related symptoms and supports Kidney's and Heart (Kidney's are responsible for strong bones, calcium enters the Kidneys and provides nourishment for the bones) as Kidneys's and Heart have an intimate relationship. Heat in the Heart results in agitation, palpitations, anxiety, and worry. Heat in the Intestines causes constipation or uncomfortable, burning diarrhoea. It helps menopause hot flashes which relate to Kidneys. Calcium help lower blood pressure, help with PMS symptoms and defend against cancer and diabetes.

So what are alternative sources of calcium:

Black beans, sesame, celery, carrots, cucumber, parsnips, bones of anchovies and sardines, seaweed, wakame, kelp and kombu help in absorption of calcium, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, poppy seeds, pistachio, organic bone broth contains bone marrow which is full of calcium (that’s where the calcium is stored), kale, spinach, swiss chard, lettuce, parsley, dandelion greens, watercress, spirulina, wheatgrass and beet greens.

Remember that magnesium is essential in order for your body to absorb calcium so either purchase the sea minerals liquid or magnesium powder. Capsules are not ideal.

Things that deplete calcium from our body are caffeine, tobacco, stress, carbonated drinks, and processed food so please limit these. For women, our periods can also deplete calcium so it is essential we have a happy and healthy period plus vital we add more of the above foods into our diet.

Gentle walking helps the body regulate minerals on the bones.

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