Burdock root

Burdock root has been used for its healing properties for many centuries and it's commonly used in TICM to treat various illnesses.

Burdock is also called Da Li Gen which translates to big power root in Chinese. The ancient story is that it was discovered by a farmer when his ox ploughed more quickly after eating wild grass growing at the roadside. The farmer then pulled up the plant and found a huge root below, tasted it and felt refreshed. He collected some of the root and cooked it with turnip as vegetable soup for his family. After a week, the farmer's mother found that her sight had greatly improved, while his previously pale little son had healthy rosy cheeks.

In TICM, this root is used to unblock energy channels and dispel various pathogenic energies. It is considered cold in essence, so it can remove heat and naturally detoxify the body of heat related conditions and swelling.

Burdock root reinforces the Kidney system, purifies Blood, cools internal Heat, and strengthens the lymphatic system.

Modern research notes that this root offers anti-aging benefits, reduces high blood sugar, fat and pressure and can restrict cancer cell growth. It contains polyacetylenes that have antimicrobial properties as well.

Burdock root is known to treat constipation, sore throat, mumps, tonsillitis and coughing all caused by pathogenic heat. It helps skin problems including psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis and gout. Furthermore, burdock root can reduce inflammation, swelling, pain and Liver damage.

It helps aid digestion by removing food retention, helps gastrointestinal conditions and digestion due to its high inulin and mucilage and bitter components, promotes bowel movements, helps defecation, reduces the accumulation of toxins and waste in the body.

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