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Occasional bruising is normal, it is when a varying range of trauma causes blood or bleeding under the skin, they are typically black and blue at first, with colour changing as healing progresses. Some people ask why they have frequent and mysterious bruises almost constantly. Although there is no clear definition of what bruising like a peach is, it is thought of as bruising that occurs with minimal trauma or injury. In TICM, bruising has a lot to do with your Spleen organ system. Because the season we are in Late Summer is the season correlated with the Spleen and Stomach, now is the perfect time to help this concern. Your Spleen is responsible for holding things in place, such as keeping your blood in the vessels. If it is unable to do so, you can easily bruise. Fragile Blood vessels can also be to blame. The stronger the Spleen, the less fragile the Blood vessels are. The Spleen is also responsible for muscles and the tone of them. Therefore, a weak Spleen equals weak muscles that are more susceptible to bruising. Refer to Spleen posts for how to help strengthen the digestion, Spleen and Blood which will improve all the areas where bruising can result from. Spleen formulas can help and strengthen the Spleen system. Also, ginger powder can increase circulation and help digestion.

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