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TICM offers a wonderful approach in managing lactation and stress with over 5,000 years of experience. In fact, the famous TCM gynecologist Fu Qing-Zhu claimed that with acupuncture and herbs, women “will have their breast milk gushing like a spring in no time”. These words are very true. Acupuncture itself restores normal breast milk production to lactating mothers with low milk secretion levels.

Types of lactation issues:

Low milk supply: is usually due to insufficient Blood and/or Qi (energy). Make sure to eat good sources of protein and have plenty of bone broth, seaweed soup, fish, meat, roasted nuts, greens, beans and even grounding vegetables like sweet potatoes. If you are vegetarian make sure to have a protein rich diet. Foods rich in iron and vitamin B12 encourage the production of Blood. You can also add my Blood Builder tincture to help. Refrain from ice, cold drinks and raw foods. Those block up Qi and Blood flow even more. Blood Builder tincture can help this greatly.

Milk not flowing: due to either a deficiency or a stagnation of Qi. This can stem from emotions like stress, irritability, anger, resentment and even depression. This prevents the milk flow through the ducts and out of the nipple. Make sure to rest, take deep breaths and view life through the lens of positivity right now. That creates more free flow. Eat the foods mentioned above.

Mastitis: is the inflammation and infection in the breast tissue and can be horrible to deal with. The first sign is usually a red mark on the breast and usually a blocked duct. Make sure to contact your doctor right away. Acupuncture really helps and can help you avoid antibiotics.

It is important to nurture yourself, eat a diet plentiful in the foods mentioned above, rest, be happy and take care of your digestive health. See your doctor who will prescribe you a formula.

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