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TICM ideal breakfast

In TICM, breakfast is the most influential and important meal of the day for your body. In my practice I see a correlation to those who have skipped breakfast for most of their life with symptoms like endometriosis, excess weight, anxiety, fatigue…….. Breakfast ideas: 1: Sweet potato: considered a "Yang" (warming) food. The sun is also warm, so when we rise it is best to consume something warm to kick start your metabolism and help the body after it has been detoxing all night. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin E, B6, C and potassium with high levels of carotenoids, like beta-carotene. This is also a beloved food of the Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas, making digestion extra happy. I prefer baked but you decide how you like yours! 2: Oatmeal: a classic staple, this is a great option to have in your breakfast rotation. Add walnuts, cinnamon, stir in berries or apples and enjoy. I love to add a sprinkle of ginger powder on mine. Avoid instant oatmeal. During colder day, it is strongly recommended you use dried fruits so not to over burden the digestive organs. Fresh fruits are better for warmer/hot days. I recommend purchasing your own dehydrator and drying your own fruits. Dried fruits off the shelves have hidden chemicals and preservatives to give it shelf life. They also contain hidden sulphur (sulphites/sulphates, etc) which can lead to breathing difficulties. Those who already have breathing difficulties as they have things such as asthma, Heart problems etc, it will exacerbate your problems over time. 3: Ginger powder: begin the day with warm water and or ginger powder tea. This warms the digestion, helps the Intestines, and hydrates the body deeply. Ginger powder is my dehydrated handmade ginger powder that you can purchase from any grocery store or if you have your own dehydrator, make it yourself. 4: Congee: my most favourite breakfast and the most classic Asian breakfast because congee is a healing food. Not limited to China, most cultures have their own version of a slow cooked porridge for very good reason as it is used as a traditional breakfast food and remedy. Congee is extremely easy to digest and gives the body an accessible source of energy. You can make it savoury or sweet depending on your mood. Book of Jook by Bob Flaws is a great recipe book.

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