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Boost immunity

What to eat to boost immune system

If you need to boost your immune system, try incorporating the following immune boosting superfoods into your diet to strengthen not only your immune system, but also your gut and organ function. Each one of the below are used as medicine in TICM because of their powerful properties. Remember, avoid the consumption of iced beverages, cold drinks and raw foods to strengthen your immune system by supporting the function of your Spleen and Stomach.

Schisandra (Wu Wei Zi): this adaptogen stimulates the immune system and has been one of the most recognized herbs in TICM, as it is included in every classic text there is. This berry

enhances the body's natural resistance and adaptation to stressful influences and promotes overall metabolic efficiency, keeping the immune system in check. It’s five flavour essence promoting benefits to all five main organ systems. You can purchase at Chinese grocery stores or from you TICM doctor who prescribes raw herbs. Granules and liquid are also sufficient but raw is best.

Ginger: it is no surprise that my personal favorite food is ginger. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make ginger vital to digestion, immune support and circulation. Ginger promotes the healthy flow of Blood and vital energy, removes dampness and phlegm and activates natural detoxification.

Bone broth: because bone broth contains heaps of collagen, gelatin and amino acids, it helps to restore gut lining and inflammatory conditions. Lots of Stomach disorders begin due to leaky gut, which is tears in the lining of the intestines. Our gut health is directly in balance with our immune system, and one requires the other to thrive.

Mushrooms: there is a reason I eat a variety of mushrooms every day. They are a huge source of vitamin D, which is especially helpful in the winter months. Mushrooms are natural detoxifiers and work wonders naturally cleaning and cleansing the body.

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