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Bone broth

Bone broths are great for anything and everything for both Chinese and Islamic traditions. Prophet (SAW) used to have this on a regular basis along with soups. You can use almost any combination of bones and herbs, this is simply the method, feel free to customise it for you. It is healing for all ailments. Those of us who wish to lose weight and belly fat, I recommend it for dinner with no carbs. Many patients complain that they are hungry still but my response is for the first 3 days you shall be hungry but after that, you shall be just fine. Once you've done it for 33 days, it becomes a lifestyle. Great for bone disorders.

- Place your organic bones in a pot with filtered water about half way up the pot and bring to a boil. 

-Once boiling for about 5-10 minutes, carefully drain the water out. Caution! It’s hot, so pour slowly into the sink drain. The first boil is to remove any scum and to clean the bones.

-Now to make the broth, cover the bones entirely with fresh, filtered water, adding any desired herbs. Once boiling, cover the pot with a lid simmering for about three hours.

-When ready, the broth can be had as tea or the broth to your noodle dish. It is very important to drink all the broth if you are having it with noodles. In Chinese culture, this is our drink with our meal along with some hot tea if preferred. The herbs such as wild yam, Goji berry and astragalus (Huang Qi) can be used. T

The wild yam strengthens the Kidneys and Spleen. The goji berry is commonly used for its myriad of benefits like strengthening the immune system, promoting good eyesight, and slowing down aging. It is great for the Liver and you can have few berries in hot cup of water for a delicious tea. Astragalus supports immune function and is highly anti-inflammatory. This is a powerhouse combination of herbs that are used for teas or in a savoury broth like this one for complete balance for healthy organs.

-When we consume bone broth, we are literally and figuratively absorbing the deepest digestible elements of the animal to nourish our body's bones, joints, blood building marrow, Kidneys, reproductive system, and the brain. If you do not consume meat there are broths you can make from seaweed and mushrooms.

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