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Body odour

Bad odour: armpits/feet/body in general

We all have a natural body odour and we even have what are called pheromones that are distinct to each of us. If your armpits are smelly, it is very useful to TICM doctors.

Digestive issues: TICM doctors say that general body odour can be a good indicator that your digestive system is off. You may not have the right probiotics or gut bacteria to digest food. Or you may have too much yeast or candida that causes body odor. If probiotics are to blame, fermented foods, or probiotic supplements into your lifestyle can help.

Stress/anxiety: A general body odour that resembles a smokey or burn't smell can indicate a Heart imbalance. In TICM the Heart is the ruler of our mental activity, so an imbalance can lead to issues such as stress, anxiety, or insomnia. With a heart imbalance, they may have a smell similar to smoke or a burning smell, which is related to the fire element.

Liver/Gallbladder: Rancid body odours are related to the Liver and Gallbladder. These imbalances are related to the wood element. They may have a smell that is similar to rancid/oxidised oil. You may also complain of irritability and feeling angry. Drinking too much alcohol and eating greasy, hot and spicy foods can also make this imbalance worse, so it may be a good idea to refrain from these types of food if you notice this problem. Physical exercise can also help as well.

Spleen: A sweet smelling body odour, sometimes similar to spoiled flowers, is related to the Spleen meridian a side area of your body that has to do with managing your thoughts and intentions. This smell also corresponds with the earth element. Damp diets like pork, low fat and high carbohydrate, high dairy/soy can worsen this imbalance. This person may also have water retention and feel bloated and overwhelming worry. Eating foods that drain this damp feeling, such as asparagus, daikon, lettuce, and pumpkin, are helpful.

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