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Biological clock

Getting pregnant outside the “biological clock”

There is no doubt that the world we live in has changed in all aspects. It has become more of the norm to start families later in life. For women, getting pregnant and delivering a baby after the age of 40 is safe, and it’s on the rise. Births among women over 40 have continued to climb and has not to declined. This is also according to CDC since the early 1980. In TICM, I don’t believe in the biological clock as I have helped many women over 35 and few women over 55 get pregnant all whom went onto having healthy babies with the need for drug dealing intervention. Pregnancy and birthing are a natural process of life, drug dealers and their fraudulent tests are not necessary. In addition, they calculate the birth based on LMP however, by LMP, the women is already 2 weeks gone.

In TICM, fertility is the natural expression of a body full of vital life force (Qi) and free flowing Blood. Working with a TICM doctor and receiving wet cupping on fertility points, acupuncture and herbal therapies is a proven way to increase fertility and overall healthy pregnancy. TICM also helps those going through IVF and clinical research shows a 50% increase in fertility success rate with patients who underwent acupuncture than those who did not in a controlled group study.

TICM tips:

Where possible, keep regulated the menstrual cycle before menopause. See where your imbalances or deficiencies are after speaking to your TICM doctor. Use herbs, acupuncture, diet, lifestyle and emotional therapies to regulate your period and reduce any symptoms. Start this process at least 3 months before trying to conceive. If you have been synthetically induced menopause or have reached menopause, do not worry, we can work around that. (When I say we, meaning my patient and I as I cannot speak about other TICM doctors and their healing abilities).

Healthy conception begins in the gut. A healthy Stomach and Spleen support the functioning of the reproductive organs the Kidneys. Ditch the smoothies, salads and cold breakfast bowls. The Uterus requires warmth in order for Blood and Qi (energy) to smoothly and freely flow, that warmth is generated in the digestion. Iced drinks, salads, raw foods, juices etc use more Qi (energy) because they need to be warmed up before they are digestive. The more these substances can move without stagnation, the easier it will be to conceive.

Continue warming the body with covering crucial reproductive meridians. These include the abdomen, lower back, ankle and feet. Do not expose the Stomach or wear socks that come lower than the ankle if the weather is still cool. Cold is a pathogen that can easily enter those susceptible areas, disrupting Blood flow.

Boost Blood with foods like bone broth, figs, dark leafy greens, organic grass fed organ meats, seaweed soups, congee, prunes, Chinese dates and mushrooms like wood ear. Use goji berries or goji berry extracts. Use Blood builder formula’s especially if you are vegetarian or suffer from headaches/migraines around the period.

In general, TICM does not recommend high intensity exercise because it uses too much Qi (vital energy), can cause inflammation and take away Blood for women. Instead, TICM uses moderate exercise to balance energy gained and spent. This looks like Qi gong, yoga, Tai Chi, light weights and stretching, or walking. Walking in nature is extra beneficial as it allows connecting to Earth which helps stress while also boosting positivity.

Herbs help boost the body and bring balance back to organ function. Use fertility formula’s to strengthen Kidney Jing, Kidney Yin, remove Liver stagnation, tonify Spleen and Liver, warm uterus, remove Blood stasis, regulate healthy Blood flow; regenerate Blood and remove cold in meridians.

More herbs like Astragalus extract or Astragalus root in soups and broths helps to prepare the body for conception adaptogens like ashwagandha boosts fertility through tonifying Jing.

Important note: remember, whatever you tell your mind the body will naturally follow so please be kind to your mind, body and soul. In addition, pregnancy should not be a stressful time. If medical tests will stress you out, do not do it. Listen to your intuition, it is there for a reason. Women are more in tune with their bodies and are more spiritual than men.

Trust yourself, trust your body xxx

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