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Bentonite clay masks

Bentonite clay mask detox

If you have started doing Gua sha along the arms, neck and thighs, switched from conventional deodorant to natural, or are noticing a funky underarm odour, you may want to help the body remove toxins and make this DIY detox mask. The bentonite clay along with activated charcoal are able to help the body rid itself of built-up toxins, open up pores, open up the glands and even help the immune system. It is also full of essential vitamins and minerals. Once the clay pulls out impurities, there’s room for fresh oxygen to move any stagnation. The probiotic adds essential bacteria back into the body to help restore any imbalance. You can do this mask several times a week until your condition improves.


Apple cider vinegar

Bentonite clay 

Optional ingredients: 

Activated charcoal capsule

Probiotic capsule

How to:

Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay to form a mask like consistently that's easily spreadable without being too thick or too runny. Break open the capsules if you are using them and add the powders in. Mix well until blended.

Place a thin layer of the mask on your underarms.

Optional: place a layer at lymphatic system waste areas where many toxins build up and often become stagnant. This wakes up slow moving fluids to move and get out: where the groin meets the thigh on either side and where the neck meets the collar bone on either side.

After about 20 minutes, wipe off with warm water and a cloth. You will see the color change and the consistency will harden, then it’s ready to wipe off. Don’t let the mask harden too much through, because it’s much harder an a bit painful to remove.

Drink ginger powder tea or have a few drops of ginger extract after.

Note: If you did Gua sha before doing the mask, refrain for showering for at least 3 hours.

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