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Belching is the medical name for burping. Frequent belching is a sign of an imbalanced Stomach. There are usually two ways this manifests according to TICM. If this is a chronic issue for you, it is best to get to the root cause so you can heal the organ(s) which are imbalanced or deficient.

As we are aware in TICM, the Liver plays a starring role in the health of the digestion. This is since the Liver controls the flow of energy and Blood in the body, aiding the Spleen and Stomach. When someone is going through a particularly stressful time i.e.: breakup, life change, stress at work or home, our Liver can become taxed and belching can become a regular occurrence.

For this pattern, use Liver formula prescribed by your physician. Try acupuncture, and finding natural ways to relieve stress through meditation, counselling, exercise, and relaxation.

Spleen and Stomach energy deficiency is when the digestion is weak. This gives way to symptoms like abdominal pain and belching. This can be a result of improper diet or a poor diet, which weaken the Stomach overtime.

For this pattern, use a digestive formula prescribed by your physician. Make sure to eat breakfast daily, focus on warm and nourishing foods and eat mindfully, for example, do not eat while distracted or when in a hurry. Chew thoroughly and enjoy your food.

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