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Beets for birth defect reduction

Not everybody may like beets but they are seriously one of the many amazing root vegetables and great blood tonic. The taste can be one that takes a bit of getting used to as it’s a bit earthy, which is great for the Stomach and Spleen. However, beets both red and golden have some serious health benefits.

Beets are high in immune boosting vitamin C, fibre, and essential minerals like potassium which is essential for healthy nerve and muscle function, and manganese, which is good for your bones, Liver, Kidneys and Pancreas. Beets also contain the B vitamin folate, which helps reduce the risk of birth defects. So instead of taking synthetic folic acid, best take beets. Endless ways to consume beets.

Beets are also great for:

1. Help keep blood pressure in check

2. Improve athletic performance

3. Hep fight inflammation

4. Improve digestive health

5. Help support brain health

6. May contain anti-cancer properties

7. Aid in weight loss

8. Improve liver health

9. Prevent cataracts

10. Act as an aphrodisiac

11. Boost energy

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