Beautiful body

Islamic and Chinese wisdom tells us we look our most beautiful when our spirit (Shen/Ruh) is being expressed, when that inner spark and vibrancy shines through and we feel our best selves. While nutrition and skincare are important, it's our interior health and wellbeing that truly makes us beautiful on the outside.⁠

There are 3 key principles for doing this:⁠

1. The smooth flow of circulation.⁠

2. The consistent purging and nourishing of all cells.⁠

3. Strengthening the 5 key organs: Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys and Spleen.⁠

Combined, these 3 techniques hold the key to balance and harmony in the body, mind and soul. Knowing how to conquer each one will leave you healthier, happier and, yes, even fitter than you have probably ever been before. One of the easiest place to start is by taking schisandra for sure with tremella, beauty blend and MSM if you can. With what is going on now and all the shedding, schisandra is key but look back at previous posts on schisandra.

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