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Bad and health

Whilst we have many diagnostics tools on the patient that we can use to confirm a diagnosis in clinic, a person's spirit and more so their tongue is something I am fascinated with as tell a huge amount about the patient and what is going on internally over a long period of time. Even 2 people with exactly same medical condition on same drugs, but their tongues will look completely different as In TICM, we can tell a lot about your health by your tongue colour. But beyond just the appearance of their tongues I can sometimes catch a whiff of what might be aggravating their health problems from their breath. Your breath is actually a very key indicator as to what is going on with your health and this goes well beyond what you ate for lunch.

Rotting smell: If you have a rotten tooth, then your breath will definitely be letting you know that something is wrong. If that’s the case, then it’s necessary to make an appointment with a dentist or through further questioning and depending on your TICM doctor we can deal with the issue. Gingivitis and periodontitis are the 2 conditions associated with rotting teeth and bad odor from your mouth.

Fruity smell: A fruity smell from your mouth would not be considered a problem if it weren’t for the fact that it’s a symptom of a much more serious issue. Such an odour can only appear when a person is about to develop a diabetic ketoacidosis. Make an appointment with an endocrinologist if you notice this type of breath.Otherwise again depending on your doctor, we can deal with the issue too.

Metallic smell: A metallic taste in your mouth with a similar breath odour is a typical sign of a serious condition Stomach cancer at advanced stages. However, it must be noted that sometimes certain medications can give similar bad breath.

Moth ball smell: Allergies or any other respiratory diseases, such as common colds or cases of the flu may cause bad breath, thus making it easier for you to understand what the problem is behind it. The bacteria that enters your mouth becomes the reason for the bad smell. It usually disappears on its own when you get well. However, if you have chronic sinusitis, then you might have to discuss the matter with your doctor.

Sour smell: If your breath smells sour, then there is a condition associated with it acid reflux. In order to control the smell and make it disappear, you will have to take control of your condition first. Also, changing your diet and excluding certain foods such as alcohol, garlic, spicy food, and coffee may also help.

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