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Back to school

The best gift any parent can give their child is health. In the UK, it is transitioning to Autumn and everyone is heading back to school. This is where the children need to be supported. In TICM, herbal support helps strengthen our mind and body, and this can help our children as well.

In fact, in TICM, children are seen as extra sensitive and their organs are considered underdeveloped, therefore weak. In this case we have to take extra care to provide them with the support they need. They ARE NOT mini adults.

Sadly, I see the opposite in most cases. Food stagnation or improper digestion is a common pattern in children that eat food they cannot digest: cold foods, greasy foods, dairy, and raw foods, especially.

If we begin their lives with nourishing food and focus on strengthening their Spleen, we are setting up a great foundation for their future. Modern science now knows what TICM has been teaching for thousands of years. Almost all health imbalances originate in the gut. The Spleen is the vital gut organ, and this is no different in children, perhaps even more important, because their systems are so impressionable.

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