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Avoid sex during menstruation

Why we avoid sexual intercourse during menstruation

When Allah (SWT) and the Sunnah forbids us from doing something, it is for our greater good. Sometimes we may not understand the science behind it, but I often say that’s ok as we do not need to know everything and sometimes it is best not to know except just have Tawwakkal.

We are requested to refrain from sex during menstruation for the greater purpose of our health. Sexual relations during this time is a cause of gynaecological issues in women as after sex the Uterus is fully open which allows cold to enter leading to Blood being blocked causing stagnation. Remember cold constricts and congeals. With the stagnation accumulated in the Uterus, this prevents new Blood from entering, which leads to the inability to start an embryo.

There are two important vessels that are within the Uterus. The retained stagnated Blood injures the proper functioning of these vessels, which prevents the process of conception. If these vessels are not working properly, blockages will occur due to lack of circulation. The Blood in the Uterus cannot be regularly renewed and cannot make what Blood is there fertile.

In addition to issues with conception, female’s may experience late periods, scanty periods with possible clots and pain in lower abdomen. Often the period Blood is very dark and with stagnation, the pain will be intense, sharp and stabbing where the female would not want to be touched. Or heat and pressure makes it better.

When energy is weak in the Uterus and lacking Blood with stagnation and there is no circulation, there can be other disturbances in this area too. If the vessels are weak, there will be spotting or continuous bleeding from the Uterus and other parts of the body will show effects of the stagnation, i.e. visible effect on the skin as Blood cannot nourish skin so skin loses its smoothness and becomes rough. Other signs may be under the eyes where it becomes dark. When issues with the Uterus arise, the Liver must also be looked at.

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