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Autumn allergies

Autumn allergies

As northern hemisphere, make way into Autumn, an increase in sinus issues will occur. Symptoms of runny nose, sneezing, and watery itchy eyes plague millions of people during this time of year. So why does this happen? Why do some people consistently suffer from allergic rhinitis, often called hay fever, and some people don't?

When we view allergies from a TICM standpoint, we know that an imbalance is taking place, and we also know that we want to get to the root cause to stop this cycle for good. Because fall season is the time of year focused on Lung health, we know that sinus discomfort rises from the weakness of Lung Qi (energy). Because all organs are interconnected in TICM, we use it as a check and balances system in order to treat the root cause of illness.

Late summer is the time where the Spleen and Stomach are highlighted by nature, along with the Earth element. If they are imbalanced, or weak, they will not be able to support any problems the Lung may experience. If they are strong, they can help the Lung overcome weakness during autumn. That is why I always stress the importance of digestive health as it helps to keep the Lungs strong as well as protect the respiratory tract from foreign substances like bacteria, allergens and viruses.

Acupuncture is a proven way to help relieve those pesky allergy indications as there is often a quick response reducing symptoms.

Sinus Relief formula's help proper Lung function and can reduce associated uncomfortable sinus symptoms. This formula helps to alleviate blocked nasal passages, chronic cough, intense sinus headaches, allergy headaches, rhinitis, sinusitis, thick and turbid nasal discharge, or loss of sense of smell and also fight the production of several types of bacteria and boost the immune system.

Lung formula's prevent and treats colds, flus, asthma and seasonal allergies. The formula reinforces Stomach and Spleen function which in turn, enforces Lung strength.

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