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Autumn time is a time of letting go and de-cluttering and nature teaches us this on so many levels such as leaves falling from the tree.

Clutter is defined as a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass but clutter is much more than that. It can be a state of mind. It can be all the things we have yet accomplished that play over and over again in our minds, return a text, appointments not made or the beliefs and perceptions we hold onto which prevent us from living the life we really want to live.


 What constitutes clutter? Everything we hold onto thinking that we may one day need or wear, objects we feel guilty with parting, inherited objects and so on. We also hold onto situations that mentally don't allow us to move on such as relationships that we have outgrown, jobs that don't fulfill us, because we fear the emotional upheaval it may cause.


 Oftentimes, if we start to de-clutter our physical space, we can use the momentum to de-clutter our mind and let go of situations that do not align with our Hearts and what's best for our development.


 Autumn is a wonderful time to spend the crisper days clearing out useless kitchen gadgets, clothes you will never wear and presents you will never use. Find a local charity to donate them to. It is far more rewarding to live for the present day and create space for things new that we will enjoy instead of holding on to things we “may" need.


 In Feng Shui, clutter represents stagnated energy. Through TICM we know that the word stagnated refers to energy that is stuck and therefore results in pain or disease. Clutter brings forth the same kind of energy. One place to especially de-clutter is under your bed. Don't keep old memories, photos, clothing etc under there. The space where you sleep should be as clear as possible. If you are in need of storage, you can use the space for linens and such.


 Tips to raise the energy in the room after you have de-cluttered:

 Use natural light whenever possible

 Keep all electrical appliances away from the bed.

 Burn frankincense or sage to raise the energy of the room.

 Use natural beeswax candles in the corners and centre of the room to move stuck energy. Normal and soy candles I do not recommend due to their toxic nature whilst burning due to petroleum used in making the candles.

Add details such as plants, crystals, have fresh air flowing through the windows, a bowl of fruit in the kitchen for life force.

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