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Autism Part 6

Autism Part 6: Fear Type

The causes may be clear for a child’s fear. It may be due to trauma that the mother had during pregnancy, something that happened surrounding the birth or even shortly after birth such as a car accident.

Most people do not realise that whatever happens during pregnancy will have an impact on the baby. Hence why those who choose the traditional methods, we try to make the pregnancy as stress free as possible for the mother with regular treatments to keep the body in harmony as we know western medicine will be stressing her out on that side of things. When mothers are stressed out, the baby will also be stressed out therefore if the mother is suffering trauma this will show up in the baby. Most children that I have seen that have epilepsy, when I quiz the mother on the pregnancy it is taken back to a particular trauma which she can resonate with. Many children who are born in war torn zones suffer thing such as epilepsy because most mothers are nervous living in this condition and already lacking blood. The mother would have been living in a state of terror all the time. So from TICM viewpoint this is clear trauma.

During the pregnancy if the other suffers chronic fear, repressed emotions, abuse or anxiety this will affect the baby and if a child goes for something such as surgery and this is not explained to them properly, this will also have an effect. I get a lot of children whose parents bring them in for treatment. If the child is under 10 and screaming or between 10-18, regardless of whether parent wants me to treat, I will not treat that child as trauma will be long lasting. That child will associate me or any other doctor and any treatment western medicine or natural medicine with trauma which will become deeply embedded.

Sometimes there is no clear cause for a child’s fear. The mother may have been calm, eat all the right foods, no trauma yet still the child is born with great fears. Babies are born with their personalities more or less formed, they come with certain skills as well as certain hang ups so they may just come with the gift of great fear.


If there are clear reasons why the child is suffering fear, then treatment is extremely successful by treating the Spirit and Soul points.

Treatment for this type of patient should be done gradually and slowly we do not want to release the side affects of fear too quickly. We would mildly stimulate points and gradually increase the strength of treatments. Every child is different and in some children the fear subsides slowly. In some children, due to long term fear, heat has built up in the body so that child may have a fever after treatment so you may need to see your doctor for a few days afterwards so that we can reduce the fever.

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