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Autism Part 5

Autism Part 5: Brain damage type

Some babies are born with real physical brain damage but it may be so small that it hardly gives them any problems or it may be so severe that it effects them deeply. Brain damage is a physical problem so it is not an imbalance and is clearly identified for unusual behavior. Whilst brain damage is clearly identifiable, the effects are unpredictable as no doctor can tell in advance how the mind will be affected. There may be some children who understand well but cannot speak and vice versa, yet others cannot grasp the idea of boundaries, whilst others have difficulty in associative though so there is no consistency.

With some of these children, brain damage can affect their awareness in odd ways and depending on the exact place in the brain, there may be issues with spatial perception, logical reasoning or relating to people. As it is difficult to predict, many children do respond to traditional medicine so it is always worth a try.

The most common cause with this pattern are surrounding the birth mainly due to shortage of oxygen during or shortly after a difficult birth. The baby may be born with some minor defect but can only become apparent as they grow older.


Babies born with brain damage are born with weak energy so the first step would be to build up energy then mainly focusing on bringing energy to the brain as well as the affected parts of the brain going on to treat individual symptoms. Sometimes it is clear where the affected areas are due to the site being tender or even blue discolouration so these areas would be treated with needles. It may make no sense but we would work on the Gallbladder channel and Governor vessel to build energy. Once enough energy has been built up, works would continue on the Governor vessel as well as the Heart for speech as this is the responsibility of the Heart.

We have so many varieties of treatment for brain damage. A friend in Adelaide swears by Du Zhu’s scalp acupuncture method which he uses for so many of his brain damaged, stroke, heart attack, dementia to name just a few with amazing results. Dr Zhu’s method is not something I am trained in so I opt for what I know best for the same conditions which is hijama in the exact same location as where my friend applies the needles. My personal preference is hijama as it encourages blood flow to the brain quicker. So we all have our own methods. More than one way to skin a cat and get positive results.

With those with brain damage, it is best to get on with treatment as soon as possible.

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