Autism Part 4

Autism Part 4: Lingering pathogens pattern

I personally think that sickness is truly an absolute blessing and when understood properly it is fascinating. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to see a doctor who actually knows what they are doing especially with childhood conditions and early stages of any condition for adults. I can comfortably say that most adults who are diagnosed with a condition(s), it actually stems from childhood. I have no research as to me research in medicine is a load of bullcrap, so I go by what I see in clinical practice based on real life people and things that are now flawed.

Lingering pathogens also known as echo diseases is a concept missing from western medicine and can play a vital role in future illnesses if not dealt with effectively first time round and depending on the condition can make the difference between life and death. Lingering pathogens are something most people will also experience for example malaise after a serious illness could potentially mean that the condition has not been dealt with so the same sickness or something else will re-appear further down the line. Basically, one may have overcome the illness, but they still do not feel right, which is the echo of the original condition. With some patients, a winter cough or cold could take forever to go away and continue from winter season to spring season. It shall disappear eventually in summer but then return in autumn. This is not normal. With adults, it tends to be an issue with fatigue.

As I said above, the lingering pathogens can last a lifetime as the absence of proper treatment means that the imbalances in the body remain. As a child grows into adulthood, the symptoms may wane as the strength of the child strengthens, they may outgrow that initial sickness but something invisible still remains. As their energy continues to weaken, at the time of great stress comes, for example girls hit puberty, they will period issues such as PMS, painful periods, infertility and so on. With boys it tends to lead to the labelling of autism, ADHD and so forth. Men and women are different and shall never be equal, hence why our bodies will express things differently.

We have something called the lymphatic system, which the Spleen is responsible for from medicine point of view. During an active infection, the lymph system will start to work overtime and it is common for the lymph nodes to become swollen. If you go for a blood test, automatically you shall have raised white blood cells. However, when the sickness subsides, this leaves behind lingering pathogens, the lymph nodes may reduce but will never return to normal as they remain swollen and the whole lymphatic system remains swollen. Especially for cancer patients, whose entire immune system including lymph is destroyed by hot cancer drugs, therefore there is a risk of that disease coming back with the original disease or in another form. So, has sickness really been cured by western medicine? Also, from a damaged lymphatic system things such as swollen tonsils, weak immune system, dry skin, skin conditions, difficulty concentrating and so many other things may arise.

Causes of echo disease

In modern times a major cause is immunisations. There is no doubt that in some children and adults that immunisations leave behind lingering pathogens that sit latent waiting to erupt. A whooping cough immunisation can leave behind a dry cough which can be barking, which resembles the real disease. Immunisations weaken our vital life force/energy (Qi), which gives rise to echo diseases.

Antibiotics is a killer for the immune system as it can destroy a child under 8’s digestive organs the Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas, likewise the same applies to an adult. Prior to that, western medicine used to also follow the TICM concept of sweating things out as clearing the heat leads to good health. However since the innovation of antibiotics and pharmaceutical companies, tradition has gone out the window so for Muslims to tell me that Allah has given us cupping and black seed only Islamically but also invented western medicine for us to use, this is where I tell them to continue to keep being a follower and keep their heads up the backsides of idiots who are leading them astray.

Antibiotics may kill the bacteria, but their use leads to many echo diseases, which is why especially people with asthma are prone to infections and the infection can quickly get to the chest and become life threatening. So basically, look at the bacterial infection as a burglar in your house. With antibiotics you are simply hitting him on the head to make him unconscious, which is fine in the short term but if you do nothing else to eliminate him, he will wake up soon. He wakes up again, you hit him on the head again……. With the traditional TICM method of sweating it out is like opening all the windows and doors and chasing him out.

Finally, some children are constantly getting sick. They get over one thing and then another thing hits them. This is lingering pathogens each time getting more and more embedded with each new illness getting a firmer grip.

Autism and echo disease

With patients, the echo disease is the biggest problem from the original disease itself, which keeps coming back from time to time in the same form or something else. Every winter you may suffer the same cough, asthma or tonsillitis for example which may disappear after a while but then later in life the echo disease causes a significant condition such as asthma, or it may continue to persist from childhood as it is not being dealt with.

For autistic children the problem is slightly different and in some ways is secondary to the original disease showing little or no signs of the original disease, yet the imbalance is there in the background. The imbalance is that the lymph system is congested which in TICM considers this as thick mucous blocking channels. Please note it is not actual mucous that is making the lymph nodes swell but other signs throughout the body of the fluids being thick and congested as though they are mixed with thick mucous. For example, the mucous lining in the nose which should be moist becomes thick and crusty giving rise to bogey or the saliva in the mouth which should be watery becomes stringy. You may see some children blow saliva bubbles from this thick saliva.

In TICM we say that these mucous clouds the mind, which many people will refer to as a bad cold in the head. Besides clouding the mind, it clouds other senses too such as thinking, tasting, feeling and smelling. When the person has this mucous long term, it may not dull the physical senses, but it will disconnect them from the real world, and they will be living in a bubble. This can lead to autism where the person feels much more comfortable living in their bubble rather than the real physical world. This bubble then makes it an effort to say or do anything, so it becomes easier to think rather than act.

The other symptoms that accompanies this type of autism are:

Some mucous in the chest region but not a huge amount, which varies from person to person and from time to time. In some children there maybe no signs of mucous and in others will show up as bogey, possibly green crusts. These crusts are from the original illness, generally thick and difficult to clear hence the dry cough.

Eczema and rough skin occur because the body fluids are too thick for blood and lymph to nourish the skin.

Tendency to dry cough

Food intolerances not due to the patient actually being intolerant to foods but because the patient has difficulty digesting specific foods because the fluids in the Stomach and digestive system are all mixed with thick mucous and the thick mucous will not allow things to flow properly. As some children eat food which is not good for them, this means that the food is toxic to their body. As the body absorbs the food, the body reacts by increasing adrenaline which in turn increases the Heart rate. Many children like this adrenaline rush, so they become addicted to that very food that is bad for them.

Intermittent abdominal pain due to inflammation of the lymph nodes in the abdomen.

Lymph nodes swollen in the neck region, which can be felt as lumps, occasionally small and hard, occasionally large and soft. Whilst the lumps may disappear around the age of 10, this does not mean the condition has cured.

Sudden collapse of energy for no reason which can last for hours again due to inflammation of the lymph nodes in the abdomen.


Moxibustion treatment will show significant changes in the vitality and energy of the child immediately after first treatment but usually allow another 4 treatments to see even more significant changes. Mucous will start softening and a discharge of mucous will be seen from the nose, crusts in eyes in the morning upon waking and even clearing of nose first thing in the morning. Next significant change we want to see is in the child’s behaviour, we want to see the child become difficult like any other child as that is their job!

Herbal medicine will be prescribed and adjustments to food and nutrition.

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