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Growing up in the west I do not recall children being labelled with so many labels that have been made up by the medical field today and continues to expand. Although there are no known cures or how the condition came about, yet still the medical field are quick to label. Conditions such as ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism are what I used to know as the child being a dreamer as they did not feel the rough and tumble of everyday life. They just wanted to hide away and find a quiet place of their own. Other labels were naughty or difficult as perhaps they just did not want to sit still or could not see the point of going to school. In my opinion these children are normal children who have attracted modern day labels such as autism as they simply find it difficult to adapt to a certain environment. As their behaviour is different is another reason for labelling as they may be withdrawn, unable to speak or may not wish to interact with others. To me this is normal, we simply need to take time to understand the child and their needs then adapt the environment to their needs.

As a TICM doctor, understanding which of nature’s element the child belongs to goes a long way in adapting to that child’s everyday requirements. The elements are fire, wood, earth, water and metal. Someone who is of fire element like myself, I am a lover, performer and free spirit. I am drawn by light, warmth and constant movement. I have a bright inner warmth that reaches out to others and I emulate a flickering flame by constantly waving my hands around as I talk. I move, talk and think fast just as fire is constantly seeking something new to burn. Fire people love physical contact hence my love for football and rubgy, I am attracted to noon, midday sun, summer, heat, excitement. If I am around someone who is wood in nature, they would actually fuel my fire and encourage me. The water element child would calm me or douse my fire or if my fire is really burning, I could end up drying their water.

The earth child would be a diplomat, mother, gatherer with their strengths being intellect, devotion and compassion. They would be prone to worry, enjoying afternoon, autumn. Like a mother, earth children have a beautiful devotion to others and are great at being compassionate whilst rarely expecting it for themselves. They would show caring devotion by frequently giving others a sympathetic ear and taking time to listen to worries whilst enjoying a cuddle. So we must take the time to understand children and work to their strengths and weaknesses from early in life.

Modern day childhood conditions such as autism I do believe is caused by immunisations. Whilst people are led to believe there is no research on this so there is no proof, all I will say is that scientific research is biased and paid for by pharmaceutical companies. I recently discovered, the prison system in Australia is full of misunderstood men, prison is not the place for them and if they are not understood then they will never leave the institution and will always carry the label of being called a criminal which is not justified. Spending time with these ‘autistic’ men, I see the dangers of medicalising autism and it is not the right approach. But I do believe TICM is the way forward for any childhood medical label. I do believe we can provide the cure for any acute and chronic conditions for which there is no cure in modern medicine. We identify imbalances or perturbations in the body’s balance, which has an impact on their behaviour. Treating imbalances will help the patient be themselves fully taking away their isolation.

In TICM we have 6 root causes/imbalances for autism and I shall do individual posts for each cause. However, please note it will be generalised posts. As for a definitive diagnosis you would have to see your TICM/TCM doctor. Each one of us work differently and some of us deal with children whilst others do not. My work in childhood conditions are based on the strongest possible foundations of a British TCM doctor.

Note: Those who have children who have been diagnosed with autism are more than free to disagree with what I write. I am writing these posts from experience and not from working with the medical or scientific world and definitely not the research world.

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