Asanas for eyes

1. Watch a green object, namely, trees / lawn / plants for 4 seconds. Then watch the tip of your nostrils for 4 seconds. Repeat this cycle 10 times.

2. Move the eyeball to the extreme left corner of the eye without moving your head. Next, move the eyeballs to the top (towards the forehead) and lastly, to the extreme right corner of the eye. Do this cycle 20 times.

3. Stretch your right hand and watch your index finger at an arm’s length. Slowly bring it closer to the nostril and then again move it away from the eye and stretch your hand. Do this cycle 10 times.

4. Stretch your left hand and watch the top of your left thumb for 4 seconds. Keep your head steady and move your eyeballs to the extreme left, stay here for 4 seconds. Repeat this cycle 5 times. Then stretch your right hand and repeat the same cycle 5 times.

5. Stretch your left hand at eye level and watch your thumb. Then slowly raise the thumb to 60 degrees with hand stretched (this should take around 45 seconds). Then bring it down (this should also take approx. 45 seconds) and again take it up. Do this 5 times. Repeat the same cycle with your right hand.

6. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart (1.5 feet). Take your left hand and move it clockwise slowly all through watching the tip of your thumb with your eyeballs and head staying steady. Do this 5 times. Then rotate your hand anticlockwise without moving your head – repeat 5 times. Repeat the same asana with your right hand – 5 times clockwise and 5 times anticlockwise and head remaining steady.

7. Take lukewarm water in a cup and soak a clean handkerchief in it. Remove excess water from the handkerchief and press the handkerchief to the eyeballs (mild pressure should be applied). Whilst doing this, the head should be facing towards the ground. Stay in this position for 60 seconds. Repeat this cycle 3 times.

8. Next press the 3rd scale of the index finger of your left hand. Massage the finger with your thumb for a minute. Then press the 3rd scale of the middle finger of the left hand and massage the finger with your thumb for a minute. Repeat the same for your right hand

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