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Love your Liver with Artichokes salad

Liver health is especially important. The Liver plays an important role in protecting you from invading microbes. Love your Liver with an Artichoke hearts salad.

Artichokes are closely related to milk thistle which is the supreme Liver regenerating/healing herb. Artichoke has many of the same healing qualities as milk thistle and the also similar constituents. It also helps the body break up complex chemical toxins.

This Liver loving salad has artichoke hearts and turmeric root powder which is another important Liver healing herb which also thins the bile and supports the gallbladder. Also important black pepper and extra-virgin olive oil to activate the turmeric constituents absorption, oregano, basil, thyme (antiviral herbs), Himalayan pink salt and it also has cucumbers, roma tomatoes and fresh chopped antimicrobial garlic. To up the Liver healing cleansing ante you could also add cruciferous vegetables such as red radishes, arugula or fresh kale and of course some avocado.

Never underestimate the healing power of colourful fruits and vegetables.

If your worried about corona on fresh produce, why not stock up on vinegar and soak produce for 10 minutes, rinse and enjoy.

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