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Are you a day dreamer?

With the current situation, I genuinely advise people take note of the below. Please also refer to my previous post about resilience.

“Examination is the first step: becoming alert to what passes through your mind. And there is constant traffic, so many thoughts, so many desires, so many dreams are passing by. You have to be watchful; you have to examine each and everything that passes through the mind. Not a single thought should pass unaware, because that means you were asleep. Become more and more observant.” Osho

There is enough evidence out there that showcases the power our thoughts have on our well being. Positive thoughts and words build a stronger foundation both physically and mentally for human beings. I know it may be hard to constantly think positively, but this is when you can use daydreaming to your advantage. I like it refer to it as more of a “conscious daydream” because instead of letting the mind wander aimlessly to the past or present, it is all about good feeling thoughts not used as a distraction but as a tool.

Daydreaming is considered a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one's attention from the present. A great reason to participate in a few minutes of daydreaming is to give yourself hope to get through the more challenging times of life.

Envisioning a bright and hopeful future raises your vibration and energy. Being in a positive mindset increases your immunity and gives you a feeling like you can handle whatever comes your way. If you are a Law of Attraction believer, it is said that spending a few minutes in a blissful state will only add more of those in your life.

Overall, spending a few minutes consciously daydreaming about good times ahead can spark creativity, solutions to questions, ideas, and create a stronger resilience to tough times. It can clear your mind of clutter, making you more present in the now.

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