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Apples are one of the most special foods according to TICM. Although their nutritional content is quite impressive containing phytonutrients, antioxidants, fibre, and flavonoids, that is just one of the reasons they are so regarded in TICM.

In TICM, foods are chosen for their essence, taste and interaction with the body. Apple trees weather the Winter season to bloom in Spring and are ready to harvest in the Autumn. In all this time, the apple tree has absorbed the many transitions nature offers the energetic (Qi) wisdom of the Universe as well. That's why we say that apples contain so much energy (Qi). This process makes apples easy to digest as well.

In TICM, different colours and flavours benefit different organ systems. So naturally, various apple types represent different parts of the body. Red apples protect the Heart and Blood vessels. They also provide one of my favourite antioxidants called quercetin, which is essential in the treatment of fibroids, aging, obesity, diabetes. etc.

Apples also contain pectin, which is a soluble fibre shown to improve digestion, detoxification, ease diarrhea and relieve constipation. It's amazing that pectin can both help stop diarrhoea and promote bowel movement for those who have difficulty.

"In general, apples are sweet, sour, and cooling; they tonify the Blood, produce fluids and energy, and have a descending action that directs energy lower into the body. Fully ripe apples are also more Yang, since they are sweeter." - Healing with Whole Foods

Green apples correlate to the Liver and provide the sour taste it loves and uses for support to help detoxify the body naturally. Yellow apples help protect eyesight.

I like to have apples as a mid-morning snack. I love to have them baked as well with cinnamon a more warming essence and walnuts with a little honey.

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