Whilst medical world have led us to believe that the appendix is simply a spare part that we can do without just like they have the same belief about other body organs, from my learnings I do not believe this is the case.

Believe it or not but the appendix is essential as it stores good bacteria so that they can re-populate your digestive system in case they are wiped out entirely by diseases.

The appendix is one of the main reasons I am against probiotics which has been created by man. The medical field to be exact in my opinion. Healthy appendix equals no need for expensive supplements.

As the appendix does form an essential part of the digestive system, looking after your entire gut is essential for the digestive organs as per diagram below. The best way I can advise you do this is eat foods that are permissible and wholesome as always advised by TICM.

Appendicitis is simply inflammation of the appendix. However, if you limit or avoid inflammation causing foods such as sugars, high fructose fruits, diary, GMO corn to make a few, you should be fine. Shall do a separate post on inflammation.

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