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Anti-Aging Breakfast

Our body is made up of three treasures. One of them is called "Jing" which is translated to “essence.” Essence is seen as the basis of growth, development, and reproduction. Jing is responsible for nourishing cells, tissues and organs throughout the course of one's life. Because this essence is stored in the Kidneys, Jing relates to our hormones and it is this essence which can generate our vital energy (Qi).

Jing is leaking: loss of hair or going grey prematurely, loss of life's purpose, trouble focusing, accelerated aging looking older than your real age (with all due respect I am seeing more of these people who look older than their age and I am truly shocked as to how they got like this especially when they are 20 plus years younger than me or even those my age), looking and feeling tired all day, low libido, infertility, hormonal imbalance, bone loss, weak back and legs.

Use this super healing breakfast to tonify your Kidney Jing and help all the signs of aging like strengthening hair, skin and nails, increasing precious Yang energy, removing dampness (excess gunk that is the culprit of toxins, fat, cellulite, phlegm, swelling, bloating and weak digestion) and nourishing your vital energy.


1 tsp each: Job's tear, white rice, black beans, sesame seeds, black rice

4 walnuts

1-2 red dates

1 inch of Chinese brown sugar

Directions: serves one serving:

The night before, add 2 cups of filtered water, Job's tear, white rice, black beans, sesame seeds and black rice and boil for 15 minutes.

Turn the heat off and let it soak overnight in the same pot. The job's tear and black beans take a long time to cook.

Next morning add a little more water if needed, boil until it is the consistency you want, add sugar and boil a few more minutes, then add walnut before serving.

You will notice many good improvements in your health if you make this several times a week. You can find the ingredients the Asian (Chinese/Vietnamese) grocer.

Note: so many people ask me to recommend halal collagen. There is no halal collagen even though there are so many on the market claiming to be halal. In Australia, everything is halal, but it is a load of cod’s wallop in my opinion once I read the ingredients. If your eating and lifestyle habits are not corrected, no amount of synthetic collagen or plastic surgery is going to help you. Everything will only re-surface. You must work inside out. Yes, I have my addictions and drugs in the form of coffee every day but that is as far as my ‘dirty’ eating habits go.

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