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TICM places a great deal of emphasis on our emotional wellbeing because of the degree our emotions manifest in our physical condition. That is why the foundations of TICM are about creating a stable, grounded core, in order to navigate healthfully through life. If our roots are securely fastened in the ground like a tree, we can handle everything that comes our way, including bad weather or extreme wind, metaphorically speaking.

Women especially have certain times where they have to manage their emotions particularly well, according to TICM, and it all has to do with reproductive health.

The Liver is the most important organ for women's health as it regulates the smooth flow of energy (Qi), Blood and emotions throughout the body. Some symptoms of Liver Imbalance include, digestive issues, breast tenderness, menstrual pain, headaches, migraines, irritability, easily angered or agitated, dizziness, dry, red eyes, other eye conditions, tendonitis and so forth. Emotions that particularly harm the Liver are anger, resentment, frustration, irritability and bitterness.

Before and during menstruation the feeling of anger and agitation creates internal cold, bringing cold down into the reproductive organs. Cold is the most harming environment for the reproductive organs to experience. This effects the blood vessels greatly, stopping the smooth flow of fluids. If this occurs every month, it can eventually close up the vessels and stop the period causing amenorrhoea, the absence of menstruation, or one or more missed menstrual periods.

During pregnancy if the mother is experiencing positivity and happiness, her energy (Qi), Blood and fluids are circulating smoothly, resulting in a peaceful womb and healthy state. The mother's health is the greatest importance, as that is the same vessel of health that the baby receives. If the mother feels consistent agitation or anger, the Liver is affected, disrupting the flow of Blood. Once Blood flow is disrupted, stagnation occurs and there aren't enough fluids especially Blood to provide to the baby.

During nursing, if the new mother feels angered, TICM refers to the milk secreted during that time as tarnished. Feeling calm and not disturbing the flow is very important during nursing to create peaceful and healthful fluids for the baby.

What you can do:

Liver formula's helps eliminate any toxins like bacteria, mould, parasites and viruses naturally, leaving a pain free, healthy and an emotional state that is balanced and content.

Reduce your stress and workload as excess stress can easily contribute to feeling agitated and place more pressure on the Liver. Don't take on too much, do something for yourself daily and make sure you are resting enough.

Qigong: exercise is important in promoting happiness and relieving stress and anger. Qigong is not as strenuous as Western activities but this ancient healing modality uses movement, breathing, and meditation together to open up meridians and channels for proper energy (Qi) and Blood flow through connecting to the Universe.

Hijama detox for the Liver as well as reproductive system.

Acupuncture: alleviates stagnation and promotes the healthy flow of energy (Qi) to help your Liver function optimally.

Detox baths: in a previous post I have several recipes for hot, epsom salt detox baths. These help promote the natural detoxification of the Liver, relieving stagnation.

Prayer and Meditation as the benefits are profound, promoting emotional wellbeing, self-awareness and controlling stress and anxiety. Meditation can also shift your perspective to a more positive one, allowing you to tackle things more clearly.

Connecting to nature by mirroring the harmony that is effortlessly exhibited through nature on a daily basis, we can have a more positive perspective on our own life.

Cooking as making meals for yourself and your family is the ultimate nourishment and care you can exhibit to your body. Whole seasonal foods and consistent meals provides your body with energy (Qi).

Nourish the Stomach through easily digestible foods and remove cold drinks, raw and cold foods from your diet: cold foods really harm the digestion, reproductive organs and the Blood and energy (Qi) flow. Stagnation induces painful periods, anger and poor digestion.

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