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‘Menopause’ in men

Men can experience their own equivalent of ‘menopause’. Although it is much more gradual than what occurs in women, it can lead to many similar and uncomfortable symptoms like night sweats, insomnia, mood swings and low energy. Andropause is the process a man undergoes when the body produces fewer androgens, male sex hormones. The hormone testosterone is the most affected, and this brings on a collection of symptoms as this hormone is the most dominant and vital for the overall health of a man's body and mind. Testosterone directly impacts many bodily functions and organs, including the Heart, prostate, muscles, Blood sugar, fat metabolism, bone density, libido, and mental cognition. Things like sudden mood changes, depression and anger can also be the result of andropause. According to Culley C. Carson, M.D., of Boston University, School of Medicine, it is estimated that more than 60% of men over age 65 have testosterone levels below the normal values of men in the 30 to 35 age range. Testosterone begins to gradually decline around the mid-thirties and continues. Although the decline is normal, lifestyle habits can create more of a loss, leading to further imbalances and more severe symptoms like sterility, urinary problems and infections, muscle loss, digestive problems, enlarged prostate, weight gain, osteoporosis, and loss of libido.

However, in men such as elite athletes, due to the extensive gruelling their bodies undergo, by the time most retire at the average age of 30-35, they have less testosterone than a 65 year old. Hence why as soon as they retire, they age very quickly due to lack of Blood and vital energy.

Testosterone is nothing more than another Blood cell known hormone. If you have low testosterone, this can be increased with stinging nettle which nourishes Blood and supports Liver as well as Kidneys. High testosterone simply means Damp or Stagnation as nothing is free flowing. Symptoms can be hair loss, anger, depression, impulsiveness, increased facial hair, acne, deepened voice. The Kidneys are the organ system responsible for all reproductive health, maturation, and development in both men and women. Though the Kidneys are associated with water, they are also the source of fire within the body, called mingmen. The fire of the gate of life. This Fire is needed for our survival as warm blooded animals and fuels all activity. When the Gate of Life is open, it provides free access to this Fire and there is vitality, sparkle and zest for life. If the gate begins to close, there is diminishment and depletion (1). If the mingmen fire wanes enough, loss of libido or infertility, frequent urination, sore lower back or knees and fatigue may also be present symptoms.


Warm the Kidneys: use a heating pad to the Kidney area for about 15 minutes daily, especially in the winter. It is essential to keep the Kidney area warm.

Moxibustion, cupping: additional Chinese therapies to provide great relief to imbalanced hormones.

Conserving Jing: use Qi building therapeutic modalities such as Tai Chi, Qigong, mediation, salaah and refrain from frequent sexual ejaculation, drug use and not receiving adequate rest. Burning the candle at both ends catches up with you. Kidney formula’s: an ancient formula that revitalises internal power, force, and fuel within the body to increase overall health and longevity. Helps those suffering from Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency caused by stress, unresolved emotions, poor diet and lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, overwork, and over-exertion.

Du Chong: a powerful anti-aging herb, it is used to tonify the Liver and Kidney, strengthen tendons and bones, relieves soreness on back, warms cold hands and feet, prevents bone loss and muscle weakness, promotes natural detoxification, maintains healthy blood pressure, lowers triglycerides, and increases Blood vessel elasticity and prevents early aging.

Liver formula: promotes the smooth flow of Blood, Qi and emotions. Helps hormonal imbalance, frequent stress, anxiety, irritability, those who are easily angered, body aches, Stomach discomfort, bloated stomach, digestive issue, IBS, infertility.

Cognitive Charger: Cistanche (Rou Cong Rong) which is one of the two ingredients in this formula is considered the most important herb for improve sexual function in traditional medicine. This formula tonifies Kidney Yang, supplements essence and Blood, benefits male reproductive function, supports circulatory health and benefits the Kidney.

Eating healing foods like anchovy, avocado, black beans, kidney beans, mung beans, bone broth, black sesame seeds, organ meats, dark green leafy vegetables, oysters, raspberries, wild salmon, seaweed, sardines, spirulina, walnuts.

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