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Amaranth is an amazing Asian leafy green which is sweet and tangy. It is a Chinese spinach which is used in TICM because of its many healing benefits. According to TICM, it can treat heat stroke, detoxify the body and heal fractures. Genetically, Chinese spinach is similar to ancient wild varieties, leaving it nutritiously dense and highly variable. Contains a complete set of amino acids. Contains calcium, folate, vitamins A, B6, C. Has twice the amount of iron found in regular spinach. Delays the premature greying of hairs. Encourages hair growth. Chinese spinach may be solid green in colour, or green with crimson highlights. The flavour is very similar to standard spinach varieties with the red or crimson varieties being sweeter and more intense. Cooking tips: Quickly steam, sauté, or add it to bone broth for a few seconds before serving. You can add olive oil and salt on top or the flavours of your choice. It can be used like normal spinach and can be substituted in any of your favourite spinach recipes. As it cooks faster than normal spinach, take care not to overcook it. As it is loaded with nitrates, potassium and oxalic acid, it is advised not to eat too much of this green if you have Kidney problems.

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