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Air fryers and microwaves

Do you still use microwaves and air fryers?

Everyone especially patients know I am a big proponent of eating warm nourishing foods and warm drinks even water. However, there are times when we cook, we can make more than gets eaten and it is a shame to waste good food especially when so many people are going without. I don’t love leftovers as I like to cook every day but when I do, I use my leftovers to cook something new like fried rice but I do this on the cooker.

Cooking with a microwave oven is highly convenient, as it’s simple and incredibly fast. However, microwaves produce harmful radiation and damage healthy nutrients. Therefore, you may wonder whether it’s safe to use these appliances.

Microwave ovens produce electromagnetic radiation. You may find this concerning due to radiation’s negative connotations. However, this is not the type of radiation associated with atomic bombs and nuclear disasters. Microwave ovens produce non-ionising radiation, which is similar to the radiation from your cell phone though much stronger.

So, here are some of the top reasons for skipping the microwave:

Microwaves leak: leakage is serious enough that the FDA sets strict limits on it for the manufacturers. But once door seals age, leaking tends to exceed those limits, often at head level. That’s bad news, because the microwave energy inside a microwave oven is massive. Frequency inside your microwave 2.45 billion hertz. Frequency shown to start harming the human body: over 10 hertz. That’s 2.45 billion vs. 10 hertz. It doesn’t take very big leak for the damage to begin. One top culprit is aging door seals.

Cataracts: eyes are especially vulnerable to microwaves. That’s because unlike other areas of the body, they lack the blood vessels to dissipate the heat and cellular stress. The first suspected clinical case of microwave-caused cataracts was reported by Hirsch and Parker as early as 1950's. (Sulman 1980). For decades, cataracts have been reported in workers exposed to this type of radiation. On the back of the lens where radiation cataracts usually occur.

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