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Air conditioning

No air con, no problem

Summer is upon us so how can we stay cool if you are like me who does not believe in AC units? I personally do not like them due to re-conditioned air plus it gives out wind causing many diseases and sickness including facial paralysis, bells palsy....but hey, if you get sick, you can count on me!

Prepare the premises: when hot weather is forecast, make sure the property you are living in is well equipped to keep you cool. Ensure your windows can be opened and if they are exposed to direct sunlight, make sure shutters, blinds or curtains are installed which can help to keep heat out.

Check your fridge, freezer and any fans you own are working properly and that your central heating can be turned off. Make sure you have enough supplies such as food, water and any medications you need in case you are unable to leave your property during the hottest times of the day.

Create your own air conditioning so if you place a bowl or tray of ice in front of a blowing fan your room will become cooler as the ice melts. Warning: do not sit directly in front of the fan as the wind from the fan can also make you sick as well as cause facila paralysis.

Stay shady by keeping blinds and curtains closed during the day as a preventative measure to stop your room from overheating.

Eat small meals as your body warms up as it works to process larger meals. Metabolic heat is needed to break down food, so eating smaller portions can help keep you cooler.

Dress appropriately as opting for lightweight cotton clothing is the best option when it’s scorching outside. Avoid dark colours and keep summery with whites and creams, as these are more likely to reflect the sun’s radiation. Back home in in UK linen clothes from Next and Marks & Spencers are amazing.

Keep hydrated as sweating can cause dehydration, making you more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Sipping glasses of water throughout the day can be enough to bring your body temperature down. Please refrain from drinking ice cold or fridge cold water, stick to room temperature as much as you may not like it. This will prevent you from getting sick in the winter months.

Take a wrist by washing either your wrists or your feet with water before you hit the hay can help you to cool down and drift off.

Feet first as there are plenty of pulse points around the feet and ankles, so dunking your feet into a bucket of water can help take your temperature down.

Breathe by inhaling through the mouth and exhale through the nose to create a refreshing effect. In theory, when taking in breath this way, your saliva should help cool the air before it’s taken to your Lungs.

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