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Age gracefully

Strengthen Kidneys, age gracefully

According to TICM, our Kidney stores Jing (our essence) and our original Qi (inherited). If you have strong Kidneys, you have a strong constitution. This equates to good memory, hearing, hair, bones, walking, longevity and so much more. This means you will age more slowly and keep your vitality. This is why I also highlight the importance of keeping warm, keeping your feet warm at all times and careful not to walk on cold surfaces, keep your lower back warm as well as lower abdomen. Our Kidneys are also known as the root of life, governing the reproductive, maturation and growth processes. To strengthen the Kidneys is the key to longevity. What to do: Warm hands Rub ears 50-100 times Tap back of head 30-50 times Massage belly and back 50-100 times Practice this whole set 1-2 times a day. You can do it anytime, but great to do before bed. To further help the Kidneys, He Shou Wu is an amazing herb for Kidneys, which was banned in Australia in November 2020 and please do not take note of TGA’s pathetic excuse why they banned it. Jing from Superfeast is great too or take Kidney formula’s.

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