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Warm Yang

In accordance with the Chinese calendar San Fu Tian is the optimum growth period during Summer and the most influential time to improve your body’s physiological functions. Summertime it is most Yang, it is the best time to push out stagnated cold and dampness from our body so much easier than other seasons. This type of cold refers to symptoms like Stomach pain, cold hands and feet, joint pain, muscle pain and poor digestion. Too much cold can cause infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, sluggish circulation, fatigue and excess weight to name a few things. The more Yang we have, the better our Qi (energy) and Blood flow are. When the body has free flowing Qi and Blood, it is healthy. How can we help warm ourselves with our natural environment? Food: focus on warm, cooked foods. Breakfast helps metabolism and Blood flow. Ginger powder tea daily to increase circulation and Yang energy. Sip on warm water throughout the day.

The most common way we deplete Yang is the overconsumption of cold drinks and raw foods. That is why when the weather changes everyone gets a cold, the Lungs rely on Stomach function to properly perform, and they are our first defence against pathogens. When the Stomach is weak it doesn't support the Lungs.

In TICM, we cool down internally with the types of foods we eat. Things like mung beans, bok choy, and melon (room temperature) are energetically cooling even if they are cooked.

External: don't blast the AC. Now is the time to sweat. Wear socks if it gets chilly at night or your feet are cold, use a heat lamp, warm the belly with a compress, do foot soaks, walk in hot sand, etc.

Spirit: meditate and practice stillness for emotional health to increase your Yang. Spend time in nature, soak up the sun, especially on the back and in the morning. The sun on the back replenishes the Kidneys which are responsible for the balance of our energy. Be happy and find ways to increase your joy.

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