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Rice is a staple food throughout Asia. In TICM, rice has a neutral temperature that enters the Stomach and Spleen channels. It's flavour is sweet which further nourishes the Stomach and Spleen as each organ has certain tastes that correspond to them. Rice has the incredible ability to tonify both energy and Blood.

In Chinese, the character for rice can also be seen in the word energy (Qi) and this symbol is the foundation of the word Qi, so rice gives way to energy (Qi).

Though many people in the west do worry that rice is unhealthy and can cause weight gain, the essence of this grain is a long used and healing food for people who suffer from energy deficiency in the Spleen and Stomach. This symptom can relate to a slow metabolism, excess body weight, leaky gut syndrome, PMS symptoms, food allergies, IBS, and other digestion disorders. For those reasons, that is why it is consumed first thing in the morning for breakfast as congee as it warms the Stomach and kick starts the digestive system.. Rice also cures Stomach aches. But like with everything else, consume in moderation.

When the Stomach and Spleen are healthy, there can be no disease, because all organs are properly supported, energy (Qi) is freely flowing and blood is strong and plentiful.

Further more when eaten in recommended quantities, it is used for symptoms like poor appetite, fatigue, diarrhoea and restlessness with thirst.

A very delicious way to enjoy rice is to cook it in a clay pot to give it the flavour of mother Earth or mother nature. The Stomach and Spleen are considered our Earth organs in TICM.

During this so called outbreak, why not make a pot of rice to a moist consistency. Simply add spring onions as well as sprinkling pink himalayan salt, coarse black pepper, olive oil, sesame seeds and black seeds and enjoy as a meal on its own. Sesame seeds is a great Blood tonic in TICM.

If you grind sesame seeds, why not enjoy a sesame latte which is a great Blood tonic on its own. Replace coffee with this as you need a good respiratory and Lung system function if you are worried about viruses.

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