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Moon (Lunar months)

Everyone who knows me will know how important the moon is to me and how essential it is to my work.

We are nature. One of the integral principles of Islamic and Chinese Medicine is that each part of us is contained within the whole, and the image of the whole is reflected within the confines of each part.

Symptoms or instincts are direct messages from the body. The question is, how well do we pay attention? TICM teaches us to listen, and to see which organ systems need attention.

For example, the Liver governs the eyes, so eye issues are a manifestation of Liver imbalance.

New Moons are used to set an intention, promise to yourself, or wish. This intention is meant to grow as the moon grows. The New Moon offers us its energy of intention, to rid ourselves of the negative habits in our life. This moon is during this time, pushing us further to create and be the change we want for our life

Moon phases influence our human body, spirit and mind, the moon affects our Blood and Qi (energy) activation or declination, our biological rhythm influences our internal organs, Humans and nature exchange information and energy, and mutually influence each other, symptoms are clues from our body that can be traced to the organ system that needs support. Now, how many of you are listening?

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