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Lips can actually tell quite about your health by the appearance, colour, and texture of your lips. The normal state is bright red lips and relatively moist and shiny. The changes in colour indicate disorders of the digestive system so the body in general. .

Dry and cracked lips are seen in an attack of exogenous pathogenic dryness, and also in the syndrome of heat that burns body fluids.

Very pale lips indicate that there is shortage of blood or energy.

Red and dry lips indicate that there is heat in the Spleen and Stomach. The heat has started to damage the body fluids.

Purple lips, or blue indicate that there’s poor circulation or cold and Heart issues.

If the mouth is always slightly open is a sign of weakness.

Only breathing through your mouth, indicates a weakness in the Lung power unless it is an anatomical problem or the nose is blocked.

Greenish color around the mouth indicates poor blood circulation in the Liver and Spleen, invasion by the Energy Liver.

Drooling from the corner is due to Spleen weakness and excessive moisture or heat in the Stomach and also occurs in syndromes caused by parasites.

The cold sores are caused by the increase of latent heat in the Spleen and Stomach.

The deviation of the mouth occurs in stroke.

The contractions of the lips or seizures indicate the presence of internal movement of Liver wind.

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