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Hair reflects the condition of your Blood

There are several causes for hair loss in TICM. The two most significant ones being low Kidney Qi (energy) or Liver Blood deficiency. Many people have both. Hair loss can be caused by multiple factors, so it's important to identify them to prevent the condition from coming back and harmonise the imbalance. Kidney Qi deficiency has other symptoms like premature aging, joint pain, back pain, loss of libido, menopause etc. When our Kidney Qi is low, it also affects our Blood. For this, use Follicle Power tincture. Liver Blood deficiency is most common in females, especially postpartum women. Stress can exacerbate this condition. Use Blood building formula and/or Jing along with food intake rich in grass-fed red meat, bone broth, congee, Spirulina, seaweed. If you are vegan, use Blood building formula daily. Another common cause is oily scalp. It usually results from an unhealthy diet, such as excessive sweet, oily, or fried food. A healthy diet is a must for these individuals to prevent the condition from getting worse and reversing the dampness and toxins in the body. For this I would recommend a formula for candida used on the moon cycle schedule. Mulberry extract can be used to help prevent hair loss and early grey hair because of its ability to tonify (strengthen) Blood. For hair health, it is imperative to have good circulation and free flowing Blood and Qi.

Follicle power is an ancient formula which promotes the nourishment, shine of hair as well as premature hair loss and greying. Formula includes: He Shou Wu, Gou Qi Zi, Huan Niu Xi, Fu Ling, Hei Zhi Ma, Bu Gu Zhi, Tu Si Zi, Ginger powder. The herbs in this formula invigorate Qi, Liver Blood and Jing which is one of our Three Treasures in Chinese medicine. Hair loss and hair issues are usually due to an imbalance relating to Qi, Liver Blood, or the early depletion of Jing. The faster Jing drains, the quicker we age, check the Kidney posts.

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