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Did you know that our eyes are taking 10 pictures per second? Daily, the eyes are constantly taking 576,000 pictures if a person sleeps for 8 hours. Which camera in this world can continue to function for years and years without being electronically charged like the eyes? Indeed, the creations of GOD are something to think about. In addition, an average eye blinks 12 times a minute. That is an amazing 11,520 blinks a day if a person sleeps for 8 hours. There are diseases which prevent a person from blinking by causing the eye lids not to open or close. The people suffering from such diseases truly understand the value of blinking. Let us thank GOD for allowing us to blink over 10,000 times a day without paying a penny.

Keep on top of your eye health by drinking saffron tea and looking back at my previous posts on eye health and foods for the eyes. Make sure you reduce your screen times, install traditional light bulbs in your home, come off all screens at least 2 hours before bed, ensure you are sleeping between 1-3am and look after Liver health.

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