Dampness: how deep is yours?

Dampness is the root cause of so many ailments. It forms when the Spleen is unable to properly transform and transport nutrients during digestion, leading to failure to burn off or transform moisture in the body, creating a sticky, swamp like environment where toxins love to hide. Think of a swamp. What we ingest physically and emotionally are so important. A strong digestive system is the root of our health. All diseases begin from a small symptom that your body is using to communicate with you. It is best to remove the small issues before they become serious. Listen to your body. There are 5 levels of dampness. One could have different levels of dampness at the same time. Level 1 Dermatological issues: most skin problems are a result of dampness. This level is more superficial. Hives, eczema, rashes, acne, psoriasis form.

Level 2 Muscle layer: the dampness has gotten deeper and manifests into symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, sluggish feelings, tiredness with joint aches, depression.

Level 3 Bones and joints: think of the channels of the body like a river. The areas of your joints are like that of rocky build ups in the river. Notice that this area collects debris and waste easily, just as it does in the body. Symptoms are shoulder pain, neck pain, with a stiff feeling in the correlated area, when weather changes pain increases. People with arthritis are usually at this level.

Level 4 Organs: dampness has now turned into heat (inflammation) and there is more development in the lower body, just as a house develops dampness or mould in the basement, the heaviness sits lower in the body in the intestines, ovaries, prostate, and Uterus. Manifestations are cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, yeast, candida, polyps, and stones.

Level 5 Body: dampness is everywhere in the body and mucus forms. Diseases such as tumour’s or cancer can result.

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