Agree or disagree with me, that’s ok as everyone’s view of the world is different. When I am talking about any illness, I talk from clinical experience and not ‘science’.

So what causes this issue that can go on into adulthood as an underlying disorder where it can lead to criminal behaviour in the worst case scenario and our prison system worldwide is full with people that are misunderstood and no I am not justifying what they’ve done. I’m just saying that they do have underlying issues that has gone unrecognised so they’ve been misunderstood in life which has lead them to go in the wrong direction due to no support system. The system has failed them and continues to fail them. As for parents, we are so occupied with our own issues, that we don’t even recognise our children have problems. So we are all to blame.

To treat ADHD, synthetic psychotropic drugs should never be an option. In fact they can make things worse taking into account that the primary cause could have been synthetic miracle cures in the first place.

Causes: lead or pesticide toxicity, mercury or manganese toxicities. Other things that can lead to ADHD are seizures, early stage brain tumours, early onset of diabetes, parasitic infections, malnutrition, head injuries, allergies, mothers receiving miracle cures whilst pregnant, invasive and non invasive medical procedures whilst mothers are pregnant to make just a few.

High lead levels will lead to school failure and truancy.

High mercury levels will cause cognitive problems. Manganese toxicity will cause aggression and criminal behaviour.

Iron deficiency or anaemia will cause poor job performance, fatigue, aggression and irritability.

Vitamin B deficiencies will cause hostility and violent outbursts.

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