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Note: I use the word genetic below as so many of us are under the belief that things are genetic. Whilst yes we do inherit things from our parents and ancestors, I do not believe a lot of these sicknesses are genetic. It is something I wish to talk about in detail but due to certain restrictions I am unable to. In Sha Allah one day I will be in UK where we have a lot more freedom to speak from other platforms.

Acne is complex that is a symptom of an internal one, rather than a disorder all on its own. That is why treating it can become a never ending struggle and leave you seeking prescribed medication as relief. Most acne medications including contraceptives for women are quite severe and cause more harm to the organs that were seeking proper attention in the first place. In TICM acne is a result of the pathogenic influence of heat and damp heat on the meridians and organs. What does this mean?

Heat is a product of the combination of stress, overwork, poor diet, genetic predisposition, forms of physical and or emotional stress and the natural dominance of warm energy, which is typical in adolescence. Continual stress increases hormone levels, which can lead to an increase in oil production. Heat effects the Lung and or Stomach. In TICM our skin is considered the third lung and heat manifests on the skin as the condition's inflammatory response. Acne is highly individualised result of a combination of imbalances.

Chinese formula's have herbs that combats internal inflammation, heat and dampness, harmonising the root issues that manifest into acne.

TICM treatments can provide relief to those who suffer from acne due to a whole body approach, seeking to create internal balance that will remove heat and inflammation, help to manage stress and much more. Your doctor will ask questions about your diet, menstrual symptoms if applicable, stress levels and will examine the size, color, location of the pimples. This is called reading the skin as these characteristics will tie into the root issues. Our skin is a roadmap to our organs because everything is connected in TICM.

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