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Yesterday, I bought up an important topic, pre-menstrual symptoms. I also made the claim that anything sent by Allah and the heavens has absolutely no side effects and I firmly stand by that. SO there is absolutely no reason to suffer PMS. As mothers who have daughters, if we look after their health from a young age, they should not suffer PMS and I am getting more and more teenage girls coming in through the door. Issues with periods early on will lead to infertility.

TICM is used to help PMS symptoms for thousands of years. TICM treats the root imbalance as the symptoms are manifesting from a deeper rooted disharmony. The symptoms are your body signalling to you that a change is necessary for your wellbeing. Often times for PMS, the body is saying it needs a little more TLC, a little more rest, a little more balance, some proper nourishment and some emotional care.

Hijama and acupuncture helps energy and Blood flow through meridians that are stagnated, releasing pain that is associated with those channels, especially Liver channels. Studies show that acupuncture also works on the mind, which can help to alleviate the mood swings associated with PMS. A recent review article from Armour and colleagues (2018) looked at five studies that used acupuncture in the treatment of PMS. They observed no adverse side effects from the treatment and found that acupuncture seemed to reduce both the physical and mood-related symptoms associated with PMS.

Warm breakfasts like congee and sweet potatoes support Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas function. Warmth in the digestion makes a strong foundation for Blood and energy to flow and work in harmony with the Liver.

Ginger Powder tea and ginger extract: ginger has long been used to regulate disharmony in the reproductive organs as well as the Stomach and Spleen. Its warming essence can relax muscles, promote circulation and Blood flow and remove stagnation. It also helps the Liver function which is the hub of Blood and energy flow. Dehydrated ginger is more potent than raw.

Skip cold drinks, iced beverages and raw foods, especially before and during your period. Cold causes muscles and organs to contract, which can create blockages and stagnation quite literally blocks the flow of Blood, resulting in cramps, abdominal pain and an overall painful period.

Liver formula's help smooth our emotions, stress, and hormones and helps Stomach symptoms that arise from an unhappy Liver, like bloating or belching. Liver formula's work by soothing the Liver to disperse the depressed energy and nourish Liver Blood, and at the same time strengthen the Stomach and Spleen.

Make sure you are getting enough magnesium and zinc. Women who suffer from headaches or migraines around the time of their period usually lack proper magnesium levels. Zinc and magnesium help one another absorb.

Blood builder tinctures helps people suffering from Blood deficiency, anaemia, low iron or B12, irregular menstrual issues, miscarriage, migraines and so forth.

Eat your vegetables. Lightly cooked broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and all their cousins contain an active compound called DIM, which helps with estrogen imbalance.

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