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Should you get the flu shot?

I do make myself clear on this matter and can only advise but each year patients ask me whether they should get the flu shot. At the end of the day, if the patient then chooses to have the vaccination, that is a risk they take. I believe as a Muslim I have my priorities in place when it comes to this matter.

The flu is a virus, which is is constantly evolving. This simply means that the vaccine won’t protect you from every single strain and unique type of flu that arises each year.

I've always used hijama, food, herbs, acupressure and acupuncture in the practice of TICM as my customised flu shot and immunity boost. This combination seems to work as I've never gotten the flu or any other sickness even though I have treated countless patients with it over the years, all praises to God. TICM is all about prevention of any disease as that is always better than any cure. Below is how I keep my immunity up and chances of the flu low.

Keeping warm: though cold weather may not make you directly sick, excessive exposure to cold lowers your immune system response, making you prone to illness. When you feel cold, the body has to spend vital energy to warm up, diverting less energy to support the immune system. It is the most important to keep the neck, stomach, legs and ankles warm. Don't be barefoot and make sure to keep the feet and head warm always. Shower at night instead of the morning, as hot water opens the pores, exposing the body to cold air, weakening the immune system.

Ginger powder: I consume ginger powder every single day, multiple times a day, in tea and in food, to kill pathogens, bacteria, parasites and invigorate the warmth in the body. It is so important to keep your internal fire and temperature going, especially during the colder months. Ginger powder also promotes healthy circulation and the flow of Blood and vital energy, supporting the entire digestion, immune system and natural detoxification.

Energy formula: if I find yourself feeling a bit weak, heavy and off, immediately take a dose of energy formula, which is a formula that has been used for centuries to aid against pathogenic attacks to the immune system, such as a the common cold, influenza and related gastrointestinal discomfort.

Real pandemics are nothing new to TICM and we have always dealt with them effectively.

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