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3 Stressors

Life's 3 Stresses

You may have heard the saying "stress is a killer". At TICM clinic we believe that it is more than just a killer as it can take away the quality and enjoyment of life too. How you deal with, and manage, stress can have an effect on your health, on your relationships, on your productivity and income as well as all other aspects of your life including the lives of those around you. It is no small matter.

Stress however is not just an emotional state. It can take 3 primary forms which can transition into and influence each other. These 3 forms of stress also possess the ability to cripple and deprive a person of the 3 foundational elements of health previously discussed in our last email. It is essential to take heed of the realities of stress in order to safeguard from its ability to hinder the powerful potential we have as human to impact the world around us in the best possible way.

PHYSICAL STRESS: trauma, injury, improper bi-mechanics, over training, over loading.

CHEMICAL STRESS: poor nutrient consumption, poor waste removal, toxic build up.

EMOTIONAL STRESS: anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, inability to sleep.

The 3 foundational elements of health are:

CORRECT nutrition ensuring that not only the correct materials are absorbed into our bodies but also that harmful substances are avoided and/or eliminated from our systems too.

ADEQUATE mobility on both a macro and micro level, to ensure that each cell in our body is stimulated and nourished appropriately and efficiently through proper movement.

EMPOWERING mindset to ensure that there is appropriate management of body functions, secretions and modulations though correct thought management, focus control and processing.

Almost all illness, disease and dysfunction in the human state can be traced back to a deficiency or imbalance in at least one of these elements. Just as a seed can not grow in an environment that does not contain the basic elements neither can health be restored in an environment that lacks in its foundations.

Regardless of all the efforts you may take to address individual symptoms, unless the cause of dis-ease in the human state is addressed, health will never be able to blossom in the long term.

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