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If you find yourself waking between the hours of 3-5am each morning, according to TICM and our circadian rhythm, this is the time when the Lung organ system along with its partner the Large Intestine (LI) is most active. Our body is always showing us what it needs, it’s up to us to listen. Our Lungs and LI are responsible for letting go. They also hold our grief and sadness. If you find yourself waking up consistently around this time, practice this exercise daily to strengthen the Lungs. To further help the Lungs, use Lung formula’s. What to do: Tap the Lung meridian for 2-3 minutes on both sides. Press LU6, called Collection Hole for 1-3 minutes on both sides. Press LU10 called Fish Border for 1-3 minutes on both sides. Do this daily.

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